Why Arcade Machines Have Stood the Test of Time

Considering the presence of hundreds of thousands of different computer game consoles available today, it is a surprise that arcade games are still popular with the masses. Who would want to choose these bulky and heavy items over the portable games on PCs and game consoles? Arcade games are still ruling the day, especially in different commercial establishments. In fact, you will get kids playing games on these machines in malls and theaters across the country.

Many people wonder why these machines haven’t gone to game cemetery yet. We answer this question in this article.

High Levels of Thrill

One of the reasons why these machines have stood the test of time is because they still give you the high degree of thrill that you can’t get from many latest games. The thrill isn’t only limited to the young ones but the whole family as well. Classic games such as Super Mario Brothers, Galactic Defender and a host of others still offer a lot of fun to the family on an outing.

These games are also very accessible. They have been placed in strategic places in malls and the public places. Therefore, if you feel you need something to unwind in a commercial establishment, just ask where the arcade machine is located. This makes the games convenient for those people who are looking for different activities to crown their day.


These machines are cost-efficient. You don’t have to buy a specific console and load it with codes to enjoy the game. All you need is to pay for the games you need to play, and that is that. Newer consoles are expensive and aren’t pocketing friendly for families that are running on a tight budget. All you need is to set aside a specific amount of money for the weekend, and you will be able to play all the games you want.

They Bring Back Memories

You remember the glorious day when you used to rule the neighborhood? Well, to take you back down memory lane, you need more than just the memories. The arcade games from http://www.retropool.com/ are there to take you back to your youthful days when they were the in thing.


Based on these reasons, these arcade machines and games will probably remain in establishments for decades to come. Despite the presence of newer and more advanced games, these are there to stay.