Instagram Tips for Newbies

Today we look at the different steps to grow your Instagram following. But first, you need to make sure you have an account. If you don’t have one, go ahead and create one before you follow these steps.

    1. Create the Perfect Bio

The bio is akin to a storefront for your business. This is what the people see first before they interact with you. It is your “face” because this is what the audience relates to.

To create the perfect bio, you need to have a profile picture that shows your face, a product or something that users can relate to. Make sure the image is clear and follows the laid down guidelines by Instagram.

Instagram gives you a chance to add some info to the profile picture to make the bio a complete one. Some of the information you can add to the profile picture (description space) is the name of the company or business, what you deal with and most importantly a link to your website.

The link you place in the description should point to your blog, products page or landing page of the website.

    1. Create Content

You need to create content regarding your business so that you can give more information to users. Take time to understand what kind of audience you have and come up with content that is useful to them, and that can convert.

You can create different kinds of content ranging from photos to videos. These can be part of single posts or a series of stories that run the whole day.

    1. Engage

Obviously, after creating content, your audience will react to it in terms of asking a question, seeking clarification or leaving comments. Make sure you go through these comments and reach to them the right way.

Engaging doesn’t only stop at your account level – you also need to check out the posts that your followers have put up and leave a comment as well.

    1. Get Followers

The more followers you have on your account, the more authority you command in your niche. The followers need to be active for you to gain from their presence. You can get active followers by purchasing them. One such service that helps you grow your following is Instant Dash. Check out more on this tool at

Take Away Tip: Stay Relevant

Make sure you understand what your audience needs before you start posting content to stay relevant at all times.