Do you Need Medicine to Treat Lower Back Pain?

Do you Need Medicine to Treat Lower Back Pain

No. You don’t even have to see a doctor, especially if your condition is not severe. What follows is rundown of some effective non-drug treatment options for lower back pain.

Back Braces

Back braces will not only ease the intensity of your lower back pain but also prop up your posture. Even then, you need to choose a pair that works for your type of pain and body shape. Visit Free Your Spine to read more about the best back braces on the market and what they have to offer. The idea is to help you pinpoint a piece that will help ease your pain and possibly reserve your condition in the long term.

Limit Your Bed Rest

Studies show that you’re likely to aggravate your lower back pain if you choose to stay in bed for days. Indeed, you can lie on your couch for a couple of hours but make sure that you move around. On top of that, embark on a regular exercise regimen to help align your back. Remember, don’t perform strenuous routines especially if your pain is chronic or injury related.

Improve Your Posture

Sure, you may experience bouts of lower back pain if you work out for long hours at the gym. The real problem, however, can be building up for years. Medical experts say that you’re likely to develop poor posture as you go about your day to day activities, putting unnecessary stress on your back.

You can, for example, increase the strain on your back by up to 50% when leaning over your sink incorrectly to clean your face or brush your teeth. Make sure that you maintain the right amount of curvature in your back to reduce the pressure exerted on your nerves.

Strengthen your Core

Did you know that you can reduce back pain if you strengthen your abdominal muscles? See, your torso combines a couple of tissues, working together in unison. In essence, this means that if you have weak abdominal muscles, the other areas of your body will pick up the slack. Plus, strengthening your core muscles reduces the stress on your lower back.

The Bottom Line

Lower back pain is easy to treat if you find the right remedy. Other than the suggestions above make sure that you improve your flexibility. The idea is to help reduce muscle tightness and tension that can lead to back pain. You can start by sitting on the edge of your bed with one leg stretched and the other one on the floor.